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reviews emailed to Small-Life Supplies: Everything good with the cage, I can’t wait to set it up properly. Thank you so much. Tilly

We received the parcel on Thursday but saved opening it until after school on Friday. It all arrived safely. Alfio was very pleased to read the message from Dorothy inside the book. We are looking forward to moving our stick insects into their new enclosure when we change their leaves this weekend. Kind regards, Rebecca

Many thanks for you help it arrived safely and I’m sure the stick insects will love it , Richard.

Many thanks - all received and settled in . Kind regards Catherine

Everything has been delivered – I have set up all the cages and transferred all the stick insects across – they all look fine and are moving about quite happily. I am just about to sort the caterpillars out into the HAP next. Thank you so much for everything – you have been so helpful and everything was packaged and labelled so clearly. I really appreciate it. Rachel

Thank you very much for your detailed updates...they arrived safely and my granddaughter is really pleased. Thank you again for all your help, Sue

Hi , just to let you know that the stick insects have arrived safely and are settling into their new home very happily (as far as we can tell!). Thanks so much for all your help and advice. Ruth

Thank you Cindi, I just wanted to let you know what a great job you do, Thanks, Nick

I can confirm that they have all arrived safely! Pics attached. Thanks again, Robyn.

Thank you. The caterpillars are safely ‘home’ . Best wishes, Diane

Thanks for the stick insects which all arrived safely. We transferred them to the 2 enclosures my children set up. However I've realised that these are not tall enough, they are about twice the height of the insects body length, but I've realised they should be at least 3 times the height? Could I therefore ask to please purchase one of your ELC enclosures? Thanks very much, Ginnie

Hi received my items, everything's great , thank you Kind regards Ray

I have received them and all is well, thank you very much! Best wishes, Kate

Thank you. I have received it. All setup and my bugs are loving it! Sarah

Thanks again for our delivery. All stick insects seem happy and are very active already. I'm really pleased with their cage too. My daughter will be very happy this Christmas. Kind regards Heather

All be arrived safely unpacked but not released yet ! Now need to keep them secret until Xmas! Thank you for your excellent service Jane

Arrived safe and sound and the 4 older sticks moved in. Need the smaller two to grow a little bit before they can. Thank you so much, Cathleen

Just to let you know, stick insects arrived safely and are settling in! Thanks for all your help. Becky

I just wanted to say how happy I am - and how happy all the stickies appear to be .. great for me & the grandchildren. Its interesting to note differences - the pink winged are so active out of the cage & occasionally fly -- but not always - they beautiful. But the most active are the two males Thai - one especially so -- he's a real Houdini -- when I'm cleaning the cage I put all 10 in a smaller cage -- and when I count them back -- I get to 9 and find he's snuck out Somehow-- luckily he seems to want to stay near - usually on the outside of the cage-- I'm sure it's always the same one. And when I open their cage he’s always the first to the top . Anyway I'm also on the lookout for eggs -- nothing found yet .. So thanks for the fun they are giving us -- and think they having fun too -- my grandchildren like 'sticky races' on the kitchen carpet -- but they all go in different directions-- hilarious . Thanx Richard

All arrived safely and our stick insects are loving their new bigger home. Thank you for keeping me update re delivery. Regards, James

I just wanted to share my stick insects in their new palace! (photo attached).Thank you, Helen.

They've arrived safe and sound! Thanks again, Susie

The stick insects have arrived safely and all were still clinging to their foliage. Great excitement in the classroom! We have got them particularly for one five year old boy who is fascinated by insects and indeed is very difficult to get into school unless I lure him in with a jar of ladybirds or centipedes or wood lice to look at. Anyway, I thought he might come in to see how the stick insects are doing especially if he is looking after them. However the other children are also delighted with them. I found lots of hazel and bramble in the hedges near school. We enjoyed getting their home ready. I will tell you how they settle in. Thank you for your advice and help,Best wishes, Jill

It came and the delivery driver didn’t even need to look at my instructions! I’ve checked it all over and it’s arrived in one piece. Thanks Tara

Safely delivered! Thanks so much. Katharine

We love it ...great x Helen

My son Idris is loving having his stick insects and they are all doing well. The book was and is really helpful. Best wishes Rachel

They're here and he loves them!!! Thank you so much , Jen

ELC enclosure arrived in perfect condition:) 4 Thai sticks are settling nicely into their new home. Many thanks again small-life supplies Adam

Thank you. It arrived safely and we have six happy stick insects and a very joyful little boy! "They love their new home mummy!" Kind regards Rachel

Just wanted to say that everything has arrived all okay thanks. I just need to fill it now! Many thanks again, Kim

Hugely grateful for all of your help and support. Customer service and communication have been second-to-none and we will certainly return to your shop in the future. Thank you once again, Robin

Delivered and received. All set up with some very happy stick insects inside! Thank you for your outstanding customer service. Ellis

Arrived to the delight of my grandson. Everything up and running and insects very healthy. Leaflets very helpful. Thanks so much Kind regards Chris

Insects arrived this morning and are all in good health! Thank you for these, all the equipment and advice. Thank you, Nathan

Everything arrived in great condition, was all there & very well packaged. The stick insects are in great shape, they are now on their fresh bramble leaves .Will be purchasing more from you very soon! Adam

It arrived last night thankyou, the stick insects have moved in! Very good packaging.
Best wishes, Lotte

All received and exploring their new home thanks very much for all your help, Melissa

It has arrived this morning! Thank you for the quick delivery. The kids have called the stick insect "soldier" because of the way he marches. I have attached a picture of him in his new home. Thank you Sarah

Thank you ..... and all 4 were active and happy looking and have made friends with Jeremy, the remaining one and are now sleeping!! Caroline

The stick insects have arrived and have been decanted into their vivarium. My son is very taken with them. Thank you for all the updates. All the best, Rachel

I just want to say thankyou everything arrived and is all set up the enclosure is perfect Kindest regards Ashleigh

Thank you so much for organising all the necessities for a happy Indian Stick Insect!! I have received the boxes and carefully followed instructions. They are now safely housed in their new home and will make for a lovely birthday surprise when Barnaby returns home from school. Best wishes Rafael

Everything has arrived, all insects are well, and the enclosure looks fantastic! Kind regards, Nathan

The stick insects have arrived safely, they are active, and I have collected fresh bramble for them, so all is well. Thank you again for all your help. With kind regards, Catherine.

Insects received. All present, correct and healthy. Kids love them! Many thanks, Richard

We are so happy with our stick insects! Many thanks, Izzy

Thank you for the caterpillars! Arrived very healthy and chubby and have that lovely blue tint. Just got to wait for them to decide if they’re male or female now! Sophie

The stick insects arrived yesterday and all look to be doing fine, thank you very much. Kind Regards, Colin

Received intact and all alive. Thanks Andy

The cages are brilliant. Sholto (8) said that they were proper scientific observation cages. He has been busy moving in stick insects and Brian the snail! Best, Heather

Thanks so much for the great service. The kids at my school are going to love there new stick insect home. Kind regards James

Stick insects have arrived safe & well. Thank you for all the care in packaging & instructions, it was very handy. I look forward to my daughter arriving home from school for a surprise. Thanks again Ruth

I have one of your ELC enclosures already and I'm truly impressed. I have two pairs of growing jungle nymphs in it. The new one is for my Indian stick insects. I have approximately 15-20 so this will be perfect. Regards, Clair.

Our new girls, Frenchie and Rizzo, far from being scared or shy, jumped straight on my hand and decided to explore my hair instead of transferring straight to their new home and meeting their new family. All now appears to be well. Humidity is steady at 75% right now and hopefully with the ELC it will stay stable with a good spray before bed time. You guys are doing a fantastic job there.Abi.

The ELC cage has arrived, I'm very happy with it, thank you. I bought my first cage from you back in 1993/4, I was 13 or 14 years old. It was my first ever large purchase; it only fell apart a few years ago but I just kept fixing it. It was a brilliant cage. It was one of the large cages with the door in the front. I know this new one isn't as big but I'm sure it will last just as long. Many thanks again Sarah

The cage bundle arrived today thanks very much you have been amazing. I can’t wait to give this to my daughter for her birthday she is completely obsessed Thanks again Lorna

Everything was received fine and the stick insects are settling into their new home. Best regards, Rocky

The Sticks have arrived and are all well and good. My 11 year old daughter has named them Stick Astley and Sticky Minage. I did point out they are both female, to which she replied “Well they might be gender fluid!”. Any how thank you very much. Matt

…to let you know it has arrived about half hour ago. Just opened top and got the book out – leaving the rest for birthday boy on Monday! Many thanks for getting this through so quickly and thanks to Dorothy for the signing and message in the book. Best regards, Karl

The caterpillars arrived safely and are busily munching on fresh bramble and are doing well. Thanks very much! Great service as usual. Daniel

I delivered them to my grandson yesterday and he was absolutely delighted and they all have names, we went out to collect more bramble and I explained to him about the young bramble shoots. My granddaughter was also very taken with them and wants some for her birthday and my son in law, who is a teacher, is thinking about getting some for his classroom. Thanks for all your help Sally

They have safely arrived and look very perky and happy. Many thanks, Katharine

Just to let you know, the stick insects arrived safely with the rest of the order, and have since settled in to their enclosure and munched their way through a lot of bramble! Thank you very much, they're making our 7-year-old son - and the rest of the family - very happy. All the best, Leah

The stick insects are looking much better in their new cage and the eggs are safely in the HAP. Thank you for the great and efficient service! Best wishes, Verity

Just wanted to let you know that the stick insects arrived safe and well and are now being looked after. They appear very comfortable in their new surroundings. Thank you. Arieh

Stick insects received, all four safe and well in their new home. Thank you, Steve.

I have received them (Australian stick insects), thanks very much they are beautiful. Thanks Andy

Many thanks for today's delivery - the Thailand stick insects arrived safe and well, and are now installed in the cage. Wow, they are active! The pupae are also set up in the butterfly enclosure - we'll add the sticks in the morning. Thank you so much - it must take ages to pack everything so well. Jo.

Thank you very much for the enclosure, it's fabulous and the stick insects are in already! They seem very happy! Thank you for all your service and for being so prompt. Kind regards Elizabeth

My ELC cage arrived today safe and sound ,they are very nice and perfect for my sticks, it was nice to chat to you when I ordered it and your advice. Thank you,Regards, Margaret

Thank you so much for the ELC cage and supplies that we bought from you earlier this year for our classroom. Our original two stick insects have thrived and survived, and are nearly a year old now. I have attached a picture. We have hatched some of their eggs, and so now have 7 Indian stick insects in there. Jo

Thank you! Amazing service as always. Daniel

I’ve got the ELC and it looks really good. Paul

Laurie is thrilled with the book and the inscription is great. Best wishes, Rebecca

Just arrived, all in one piece, looks good Thanks Matt

The stick insects arrived shortly before 10 o'c and are all looking happy in their ELC cage. Thank you! Jo

We've received the ELC thanks! It's great! Kate

Many thanks. Lovely brambles, my Jungle Nymphs were very happy thank you : ) Kind Regards, Manuela

I really like these ELC cages as display cages, they look really nice (modern) and give a lot of visual access to the insects, and most species do seem to thrive in them despite their different humidity and food needs. Currently apart from the Siplyloidea sipylus I’ve just “moved in”, I also have two ELC cages with Necroscia annulipes and one with Neohirasea maerens, and in the past I’ve also used them for Peruphasma schultei and Orthomeria pandora as well. Thanks again, Caroline

Thank you very much. The brambles look great thank you. Many thanks David

May I just take the opportunity to thank you so much! Not only were we so happy with the enclosures and your service, but it was very apparent the care, thought and attention to detail that went into even the packaging of them. It was really lovely to speak to you on the telephone, you were so friendly and helpful and I have learned such a lot! Overall, we are delighted with the whole service you've offered and in future, we'd happily return to you. Many Thanks, Cristiana.

Just to say thankyou for your help ,advice and excellent service re. recent purchase of cage. The cage was a great success and is much admired. Yours sincerely, Myron

ELC's arrived OK, they're great thanks. Regards Vince

All safe and sound and the habitat slipped smoothly out from the bottom of the box :-) Many thanks Joanne

Thank you, they have all settled in and daughter is delighted with her birthday present. Alisa

Everything arrived today, alive and well. Kind regards Linda

Just wanted to show you how happy my little boy is! We love the cage and it's perfect for them thank you so much. Laura.

They arrived earlier today all in fine health. Many thanks Steve

I just wanted to thank you for my order arriving to me with such care. I was so impressed with the way my enclosure was packaged. It was beautifully done and with much care and consideration. I absolutely love my ELC Enclosure and can't wait to introduce my Indian Sticks into it. I'm sure they will be very happy. Many thanks Vicki.

Hello, Just to let you know, received ELC cage and I'm really pleased with it! As an Engineer myself I love the simple but effective and well thought out design. And our stick insects now have much more room for their "dancing". Kind regards, Ben

Just to let you know it all arrived safely. Thank you so much for wrapping it so well and providing all the useful instructions. It is all set up in a very happy boy’s bedroom! Thank you again. Sally

Hi, thank you for quick delivery of the cage looks fantastic! Thanks Todd

The silkmoth cocoons have been safely received, thank you! Kind regards, Alex

Thank you so much for my Thailand stick insects and the mister swivel. The mister swivel works perfectly and is so needed! The Thailand stick insects have settled and are eating happily in the ELC cage on bramble. We have had some stickies out on our hands and they are so friendly. Your customer service has been so lovely over the years and this time was no different. Thank you so much! Best wishes, Lilly

Cage received all present and correct! Thanks so much. Stick insects will move in tomorrow! Mel

The stick insects have arrived safe and well. Many thanks for your care and an excellent service. Yours gratefully Karen

Our delivery arrived safe and sound would just like to say thank you for your fabulous customer service from my first phone call to the eggs arriving . My 5yr old is now super excited to have them hatch . Many thanks Rebecca

Everything looks great! Thanks very much Lucille

They all arrived safe and well. Thanks so much William

Just to let you know that they both arrived safely, fantastic packaging and great delivery service too. Thanks Julie

Thank you very much - everything arrived safely today and I’m very pleased with it all. Best wishes, Rowena

All arrived safe and sound. Thanks again for your help. Sandra .

I just wanted to let you know that our new sticky friends are all happy, healthy and settling in. My wife is in love already. The enclosure is brilliant and they seem really at home. Thank you, Chris.

Thank you, They have been delivered safely. Thank you for your help and great customer service. Sarah.

Btw, I've ordered a cage with you before, for my son, and have been really impressed with it. The stick insects seem really happy (well, they've mostly been hanging around pretending to be sticks, but they look like happy sticks!), and I've found it really easy to keep the cage maintained. Thanks, Emily

All safely received, thanks. Jo

Many thanks . Everything arrived perfectly . Best regards Bernie

All arrived safely thank you and setup in their new home. Regards, Matthew

Just to let you know that the stick insects and other purchases all arrived safely this morning! Thank you so much, our son will be absolutely over the moon when he finds out! They are settling in well. Kind regards Jon and Vanessa.

Thanks for the stick insects, they arrived safely and are in their new home. We're thinking of having more stickies now that we’ve started. Thanks Phil .

Just to let you know the tank arrived safely and the stick insects are loving it! Looks great! Many thanks Clare (Northern Ireland).

Just to let you know that the stick insects arrived safely here today. Kind regards, Gary.

Many thanks my babies arrived today all very active in their cage, Karen.

Brilliant will be using your company again thanks for everything today much appreciated , Alex.

Sincere thanks to all at Smalllife . TTQ cage and sprig pot arrived as promised in perfect condition. Great packaging, and being able to track the delivery was most helpful. Kind regards, Roger.

I have received the eucalyptus tree this morning. It's a lovely tree, and thank you for packing it so carefully, I really appreciate it. I will be planting it in my garden after lunch. Many thanks, Kimberly.

Plant has turned up safe and well! Thanks for keeping me updated along the way. Kind regards, Paul.

The parcel arrived today thank you, the cage is fantastic and the stick insects look very happy! Thank you, Helen.

Just to confirm that it (ELC bundle) arrived safely yesterday afternoon. Our daughter is delighted. Many thanks, Olwyn.

Your pots are brilliant. Your service is brilliant! Had a good look around your website and will definitely be ordering more things in the future, I am so glad I found it. Thank you Kaz.

Thank you so very much for the First Class service you have provided. The tank has arrived and is already set up for our Stick Insects, my sons are both overjoyed to be able to watch them properly now. Alexandra.

Just wanted to pop you a quick message to say a huge thank you and just how impressed I have been by your service! The cage is all setup and already has my leaf insects thriving inside! I would love to leave a review of your amazing service. All the best, Shea.

Thank you for the great service. Regards Liz.

Thank you very much for your great service! Warm regards, Anya.

Thank you, from the bottom of my old heart, from rushing these sprigs out to me. I was watching my Sticks starving to death. I was so very saddened. Now they have fresh food, male n female partnerships are out the window. It's all about food. Dave.

We would just like to send a quick note to say thank you for a fantastic experience buying from you. Fabulous communication and product has exceeded our expectations as you have also sent some advice leaflets when looking after stick insects which is new to us. All the best, Rod.

Just to let you know that the stick insects have arrived safely and are recovered from the journey. Thank you for warning us about them taking a while to come round. The boys are very pleased with them. Beverly.

Me, and my Black Beauty Peruvian Sticks, are very impressed with the quality of the privet you supplied. Best regards, David.

Thank you very much for the liners and sand pit. Much appreciated. Em.

Safely arrived, thank you. They are lovely! Kim.

Thank you for the book and ELC Cage - it arrived earlier and is brilliant. Thank you so much, Em.

Arrived safe and sound. I'm super impressed with your re-use of boxes as packing material. That was the most well secured plant delivery I've ever taken, I had to wrestle it out of the box! Jess.

Cage arrived safely. Stick insects now ensconced and daughter delighted. Many thanks. Peter

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the wonderful service - the communication was excellent as always and my new pets were expertly packaged and arrived safely. They are very healthy and I love them. They have settled in to their new enclosures and are eating and already getting bigger! Thanks again! Daniel

The caterpillars arrived safely. They are beautiful! Many thanks, Diane

Thank you so much, I’ve just received the two stick insects. They look amazing and have already been finding themselves in my ELC cage. I’ve actually attached a photo of them at the top in their cage. Again, thank you so much for advising me with this and supplying them. Sincerely, Lilly.

Thank you very much , I'm very happy with how your company works. Kind regards, Angela.

Thailand stick insects arrived safely thanks! Pat

Both parcels arrived safely and are all in one piece! I look forward to using the ELC cage and I know my stick insects will love their new home. Thanks again, look forward to dealing with you again soon. Have a good evening, James

Just letting you know that the New Guineas have arrived safe and well, Nik

My stick insects are happy in their new cages. With best wishes David

Just wanted to thank you for your quick response to my order which I have now received, I’m so impressed. Kind regards, Joanne

I have received my package today, thank you for your service. Aaron

I was delighted by the insect home outside my door when I got home last night, it's just what I was looking for! My stick insects seem a lot happier now, thank you! Amy

Received safe and well. Many thanks, Richard

Thank you very much. The stick insects are doing fine and are continued source of fascination. Ron

Arrived safely. Thank you for a great service! Jean

Thank you very much for our order, everything was received today. Many thanks Heather

Our new male stick insect is getting along very well with our female and we are getting lots of eggs. Best wishes, Charlie

I received the parcel and they are all housed and set up. They seem quite happy and are already crawling up the side of the enclosure. I'm really pleased with the professionalism and care of your service. All the best Ron

All arrived safe and sound, they're lovely, thanks for your great service!  Best wishes, Lara

Just to let you know that our new friends arrived safe and sound a few days ago. Their home is now set up in the lab and they have had lots of curious eyes peering at them. Thanks very much, John
Thank you so much, our little ones arrived safely today and are loving their new home. Stacey

I just received the stick insects and they look lovely! Thank you so much for your support and for getting these girls to me! Best regards,Amelia

Received my cage this morning, in perfect condition!!! Set it up this afternoon, so now I have only 5 leaf insects per cage. Perfect . Thank you. Philippa

We love the cages (as do the sticks). Our Macleay’s spectres started breeding in their new cage, and have so far produced nearly 100 eggs! All the best, Andrew

Hi just to let you know caterpillar arrived safely he is wonderful, everybody loves him. Many thanks , Karen

The ELC bundle is a great product and very well wrapped. Thanks again, Piers

I’m at least as interested in these creatures as my grandson. It would be interesting to see the New Guinea stick insects in their natural habitat. Even with the few bramble leaves you provided, the camouflage is surprisingly effective. Thank you for you help. Regards David

Caterpillars arrived safe and sound. ALWAYS a highlight and will take my mind off the piles of marking that just hit my desk! Ned

All arrived safely. Set-up yesterday for Sons birthday. One very happy boy and 2 happy stick insects with their new home. Thanks. Rich

Thought I'd drop you a note to say how pleased I am with our stick insects and cage and to thank you for your advice. They seem perfectly happy in their new home and they're a great first pet for our 3year old who is being very careful with them. Best regards, Caroline

All received, thank you - I haven't had time yet to open the package but I assume all is okay - thank you for expediting the shipping. Daniel (Belgium)

Just to let you know that I have received my ELC cage and sprig pot and I am really pleased, The quality is perfect and the packaging was really great and the speed of the delivery was really great, FAB, FAB, FAB. Thank you so much for the items and also great communication also. Kind regards, Louise

Hi thanks for this cage.  It is lovely.   Carol

Thank you! They arrived in great shape and seem very happy in their cage. Julia

The ELC insect cage is fantastic. I cant wait to fill it! Many thanks for all your help. Karl

I'm delighted to let you know my Stick insects (and other items) arrived early this morning. Everything was in excellent condition and the "Stickies" seem to have settled in nicely. Thanks again for providing such an excellent service. Kind Regards, Liam

Just to let you know everything went well with the delivery. Followed your instructions to the letter and all four stick insects are well plus two very happy kids. Thanks, Stephen

Very many thanks; this is the second ELC cage I've ordered from you, I was so pleased with the first. It's expensive but well worth it for how happy the sticks are to live in it! Best wishes, Linda.

Got the MIC cage. It looks great. Thanks for the very prompt service and delivery. Best wishes, Matt.(New Zealand).

3 hatched yesterday. Thank you very much for getting in touch and keeping me up to date. I'll be recommending you to others. Thanks. Kind regards, Mick.

I have ordered from you previously and very happy with your product. My husband has taken the cage to school for the sticks there so I now need to order another! Louise.

Everything good, Stick insects already seem settled and eating up food. Thank you. Matt.

The New Guinea stick insects are still brilliant, and we are having a lot of fun handling them, they do seem to poo an awful lot! Phil.

Thank you very much for the Macleays Spectre.They have arrived and I love them both. John.

We are delighted with our stick insects! I was wondering, do you want me to ship back the packaging? Seems a shame to throw it out. Fiona

Loving the ELC cage - stick insects doing far better than other cages I've used in the past. Think I'll be using these for all stick insects, mantids etc in future. Gary.

Thank you for your great service. All the requested items arrived on time with a very polite delivery man. Thank you, Miranda (France).

I just wanted to let you know that the bramble arrived, our stick insects seem so happy. Best, Sarah.

Received my sprig pots today, I'm very happy with them. You can actually hear my Indian Sticks eating if you listen carefully! Thanks Madeline.

Hi, all delivered and happy. Many thanks Adrian .

Thank you my insects are now happy and safe from my cat in their new home ;-) xxx, Donna.

Chuffed to bits with my new MIC cages, thank you. My Haaniella grayii look even more magnificent, now. I loved the bag and pen, too, thank you. Roll on payday for my next cage! Janet.

Thank you so much, they arrived safely this afternoon and are in their new cage now. Catherine.

All arrived safely, many thanks. Best wishes, Lesley

The Swarm Locust Cage works great, we will soon order another one, Roger (Sweden).

Very pleased with ELC cage, beasties will be happy! Neil.

I just thought I would let you know how pleased I am with the ELC stick insect cage, it fits perfectly where I have it and it looks great. The Thailand Marbled stick insects I received were really well packed and were in perfect condition. All in all a good purchase, I am also very pleased with the time the lady spent on the phone, giving me advice on which insects could exist together. The ones I have seem fine. With much gratitude, Marian.

Just some feedback on your excellent ELC cage. I was so pleased to have found your website as I had been hunting for a suitable tall cage - our stick insects immediately seemed to really enjoy their cage and its also a nice looking cage to have in the house, Moira.

The ELC arrived on time and in great condition. Its a great vivarium. I have been looking for one this size for along time. I have moved my Indian and Thai phasmids in and they are loving the extra space. Many thanks for a great product, Andy.

I had the bee cages parcels and they were in very good conditions. All the cages and glasses perfect, David (Spain).

Just to say I got my stick insects this morning and they are perfect. The ELC cage is great too. Many thanks, Chris.

The Q Boxes are brilliant, I have currently got 19 adult Indian Stick Insects and 16 nymphs, Claire.

Thank you for a brilliant service and great advice. It was good to know that they will go into "twig" mode when stressed. We have one brave one who is fully functioning, one who is half-way there and two who will hopefully be out and about in the morning. For now we are calling them the "Twiglet Girls"...not very original, but we like it! Claire.

Just to let you know that they arrived safe and sound and now in their new home :) Thanks for all your help, Simone

Excellent enclosure is this ELC, Gerard.

Everything arrived safe and sound, very well packed, many thanks Helen.

Safely arrived and installed. Thank you, Jane.

Just a quick email to say thank you so much for the stick insects my daughter absolutely loves them she has named them Jamie, Sydney, Spike & Nikki???? The cage is absolutely fantastic & very practical! Once again thank you for all your help! Best Regards Kate X

Thank you for delivering our order promptly. It arrived well packaged and exactly to the instructions given. We are very pleased with your product......and it appears so are the insects! Regards.

Many thanks All arrived safely and the children are loving them! All the best David.

Just to let you know we have received our order. Very excited to receive the cage, accessories and stick insects this morning.  We are leaving them as you instructed to warm up slowly. Hoping all will be ok!!!!  Many thanks and kind regards, Rachel and family.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and to tell you that our order arrived yesterday before the deadline of 4pm and in pristine condition. All items were very well packaged and we are delighted with the service you have provided. I will definitely be recommending you to other schools. The two snails are now affectionately known as Benny and Bertie. Our Stick Insects remain unnamed as yet. Kindest Regards, Louise
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