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Dorothy Floyd
Dorothy Floyd, BA (Hons) Cantab
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Book, "Keeping Stick Insects" by Dorothy Floyd

Keeping Stick Insects book

As featured on Channel 4

Brand: FP
Availability: In stock
Price: £12.50
Standard UK delivery £1.95.
International delivery £5.
New copies of Keeping Stick Insects books Inside the Keeping Stick Insects book Colour photos inside Keeping Stick Insects book

Now in its fourth reprint, this book continues to be one of the best-selling books on the subject. Dorothy Floyd is a well known British professional entomologist who has many years experience in keeping stick insects. She has written this book to share her knowledge about these fascinating creatures and advise people on how to look after them properly.

Easy to read
Dorothy Floyd writes in an enthusiastic and clear style. Her book can be enjoyed by adults and teenagers (and by younger children, if they are advanced).

Colour photos
This book contains colour photos including what the stick insect eggs look like close up and a photo of the really rare male Indian stick insect. There are numerous line illustrations throughout the book, including step by step guides illustrating how stick insects climb out of their skins and how to encourage Pink Winged stick insects to fly.

Signed by the author
The author, Dorothy Floyd, is happy to sign this book and include a short message, if you wish. For example, "To Alex, Hope you enjoy looking after your stick insects".

The "Keeping Stick Insects" book has a laminated cover, and is A5 size. It has 64 pages and an index. The ISBN is 0 9512466 0 7. It is printed in Great Britain.

Collector Cards

Four Collector Cards

Brand: Small-Life Supplies
Availability: In stock
Price: 80 pence each, or set of 19 for £12.
Standard UK delivery £1.95.
International delivery £5.

Handy reference
Each card carries basic information about the creature, including the common and Latin names, the size they grow to, what they eat and so on. Blue text indicates the creature likes an airy cage, pink text indicates less ventilated conditions are needed.

19 to collect
There are 19 Collector Cards in the set, you can buy them individually, or purchase the whole set at a discount price.

Colour photos
Each card has a large colour photo of the creature being featured. The cards are laminated and can be sellotaped to the cage housing that particular invertebrate.

Stick insect Collector Cards
#1 Australian Macleays Spectre, #2 Thailand Marbled, #3 Guadeloupe, #4 Peruvian , # 5 Sabah, #6 Borneo, #7 Indian, #8 Thailand, #9 New Guinea, #10 Pink Winged, #11 Vietnamese, #12 Thailand Winged, # 13 Thailand Straight, # 17 Vietnamese Bark, # 18 Thailand Miniature, # 19 Malaysian.

Other Collector Cards
#14 African fruit beetle, #15 Giant Congo millipede, # 16 Giant African Land Snail.

Laminated Collector Cards, nineteen in the set.

Stick Insect Care Sheet

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Small-Life Stick Insect Care Sheet
Free stick insect care sheet
The basics of looking after stick insects are in this free stick insect care sheet. It is free to download and print.

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